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How to tattoo

Bring you ID card (photo attempted) with you. 

Any stuff like, inks, needles, we use are disposable. 
Other equipments are sterilized by autoclave and ultraviolet ray sterilizers. 
You do not need to make appointment to visit and talk to a tattooer, but please call to studio before arriving, because of an irregular day off.  Then, make appointment at studio, telephone or e-mail. 
(It may take few days to reply when busy time.)

On the day of appointment, we start session after making sure of your design.

Please be in good condition for tattooing and read below carefully.
Read these matters before tattooing.
Please do not drink alcohol and get plenty of rest the day before and on the day of tattoo.  Tattoo gives big damage to your skin that will take 2~4 weeks to be fully recovered, so avoid getting suntanned the part of tattoo. 

It is advisable to be away from any action that will affect tattoo.

Please talk to doctor if you have atopic dermatitis, diabetes or any other skin problems.
Following person will not be served

·Person who is under the age of 18.

·Person who has heart disease, liver disease, skin disease, inflectional disease, diabetes or any other disease.

·Person who is pregnant. (Within 6 months)

·Person who is just getting suntanned.

·Person who is requesting a tattoo on inappropriate locations.

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